April Fool’s Manifesto

I believe nothing stays hidden, so lying is a waste of time.
I believe in bravery.
I believe in taking nothing for granted.
I believe in loving those around me to the best of my ability.
I believe all weather is worthy.
I believe in signs and synchronicity.
I believe I could die anytime and be at peace with my life.
I believe if we pay attention and live long enough we’ll come to learn what matters.
I believe in winning and losing with grace.
I believe espresso makes life better.
I believe in not being limited by what people think.
I believe everything changes, and this is a beautiful thing.
I believe in the future even though it’s hypothetical.
I believe in making my own happiness.
I believe in not believing everything I think.
I believe tradition makes a lousy excuse for not thinking things through.
I believe in a thinking heart and a feeling mind.
I believe in passion.
I believe in balance.
I believe in keeping things simple unless you can’t or they aren’t.
I believe in the fundamental equality of all things.
I believe in listening attentively.
I believe in smelling everything.
I believe in looking beneath surfaces.
I believe this country could do way better.
I believe in people who grow up and keep growing.
I believe more in questions than answers.
I believe home is where you make it.
I believe in adventure.
I believe mirrors have nothing much to say.
I believe in ideals and in reality.
I believe in the power of words.
I believe in silence.



4 thoughts on “April Fool’s Manifesto

  1. These are all beautiful thoughts, Molly. Each line could be an interesting meditation. “Nothing remains hidden” resonates strongly with me and I might as well own up to it…It’s somehow comforting knowing that I can’t hide . I spend much energy trying….

    • Yes, it’s a full-time job trying to be someone else (or at least appearing to be). I’m intimately familiar with the phenomenon 🙂

    • Thanks, babe! This was an interesting exercise to undertake; I challenged a friend to do it as well. If any readers want to, I’d be interested to see the results 🙂 I did it pretty spontaneously and quickly, not overthinking it, like most of the writing I post here.

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